Clean File Manager




Manage, organize, and browse files on your Android


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Clean File Manager is a tool specially designed for users who store a large number of files and apps on their devices and need to browse them without getting lost in a tangle of folders. The app organizes all your files into applications, photos, downloads, movies, music, and screenshots, such that when you open Clean File Manager, you can just tap the appropriate category to find what you're looking for.

This app incorporates its own image viewer and music player, so you won't need to leave the app to enjoy your multimedia files. You can also send whole batches of files to your contacts.

Besides quickly finding files, you'll also be able to compress them into ZIP format, or unzip them if they're in the following formats: RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, and TBZ. Clean File Manager even lets you change file names directly from its interface as well as copy or move files to any other location.

Another great feature lets you view photos and APK files in preview mode, so you don't have to open them to see what they contain.
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